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If you need high-grade timber for a residential, commercial or industrial project, Tile Importer is the only name to trust. As one of the leading timber suppliers in Melbourne, we supply everything from beautiful native timber to varieties sourced from across the globe.

From Dressed All Round to Skip Dressed, we’ve got options to suit a variety of different requirements and visual preferences. Within our DAR collection, you can purchase Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Ash, American Cherry, Jarrah, Blackbutt, and much more.

Get Expert Advice from the Leading Timber Suppliers in Melbourne

Not sure which timber best suits your project? Don’t stress! Our in-house experts have a wealth of experience and knowledge that they’re always happy to share. SImply give us the details of the project, then we’ll evaluate your situation and determine which type of wood is most suitable.

Customer service has been the backbone of our business since 1967. This is why our team is also committed to finding the best possible prices on the market. If you’re ever in need of high-grade wood for a local project, simply get on the line and speak to Tile Importer, the timber suppliers that Melbourne trusts.

Work with Experienced Structural Timber Suppliers in Melbourne

At Tile Importer, we are an industry-leading supplier of world-class structural timber in Melbourne. Our expansive warehouse holds a wide variety of high-quality structural timber. Whether you’re a home builder or DIY renovator, we provide hardwood, softwood, or composite materials for your construction needs.

Manufactured to Australian standards, our structural timber is robust, durable, and termite-resistant. We supply high-grade timbers suited for load-bearing applications, such as building frames, flooring, decking, and roofing.

Trust our team of experienced professionals to provide guidance on which timber products are best suited for your projects, whether it’s for high-rise constructions, residential homes, or DIY renovations.

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Structural Timber Suppliers – Competitive Prices

At Tile Importer, we offer a selection of structural timbers at prices that are competitively marked.

We believe in providing top-quality timber while not compromising on affordability, making us the preferred choice for architects, builders, designers, and DIY enthusiasts in Melbourne.

Our range of structural timbers includes seasoned and unseasoned hardwood, strength-graded softwood, engineered timber products, and much more.

Your structural timber requirements can be satisfied in one visit to Tile Importer! Save time and money by procuring all your needed materials in one location, whether you’re near Brighton, Cheltenham, or Clayton.

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Why Choose Tile Importer for Structural Timber Suppliers in Melbourne?

Supplying high-quality products in Melbourne since 1967, we remain steadfast in maintaining our standards. Here are reasons to choose us as your go-to structural timber suppliers:

  • One-stop-shop: We offer a broad range of building materials all under one roof. Whether you need hardware, plumbing, or electrical supplies, you’ll be ready to start on your project.
  • High-quality materials: Our structural timber comes from sustainable sources and complies with high Australian quality standards.
  • Affordable Prices: We price our products competitively without compromising on quality.
  • Superior Customer Service: Our staff are always on hand to provide professional advice and assistance.
  • Fast delivery: We guarantee quick and reliable delivery to your construction site in Melbourne.

When you choose Tile Importer, you’re selecting a family-owned business with a proven track record of supplying structural timber for all builders in Melbourne.

Feel free to reach out to us on (03) 9562 7181 for expert advice or a quote. No matter your structural timber needs, we can help.

Handy Tips – Choosing the Right Structural Timber Suppliers

Choosing the right structural timber is crucial for the success of your construction project. Here are some tips to guide you:

Determine the Purpose: Identifying the use of the timber is the first step in narrowing down your choices. Structural timber is typically used in load-bearing applications such as frames, beams, joists, rafters, and decking.

Consider the Timber Species: Each timber species has specific characteristics that make it suitable for various applications. Hardwood species, for example, are known for strength and durability, making them excellent choices for load-bearing structures.

For more helpful advice on picking the right structural timber or other building materials, feel free to drop by our Oakleigh South showroom or get in touch with us at (03) 9562 7181.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Structural Timber Suppliers in Melbourne

What makes Tile Importer one of the leading structural timber suppliers in Melbourne?

Tile Importer has been supplying quality structural timber in Melbourne for over 50 years. We have a wide variety of hardwood, softwood and composite materials, all meeting stringent Australian standards. We also provide expert guidance and competitive prices.

How does Tile Importer ensure the quality of structural timber suppliers in Melbourne?

The structural timber at Tile Importer is manufactured to meet strict Australian standards, which means that it is robust, durable, and termite-resistant. We also source their timber from sustainable sources to ensure high-quality materials.

Does Tile Importer offer other building materials aside from structural timber suppliers in Melbourne?

Yes, Tile Importer is a one-stop-shop for building materials. Aside from supplying structural timber, we also offer hardware, plumbing, and electrical supplies.

What should I consider when selecting structural timber from Melbourne suppliers?

When selecting structural timber, you should consider its purpose (e.g., frames, beams, joists, rafters, decking) and the specific characteristics of its species. Hardwood species are known for their strength and durability, making them excellent choices for load-bearing structures.

How can I get in touch with Tile Importer for their structural timber suppliers in Melbourne?

You can reach out to Tile Importer for expert advice or a quote at (03) 9562 7181. You’re also welcome to visit our Melbourne showroom to see our wide array of structural timbers and other building materials.

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