Timber Flooring Melbourne

Nothing compares to the timeless look, feel, and appeal of timber flooring. Whether you’ve settled on a specific variety, or still exploring your options, we’re proud to be the trusted source for all things timber flooring in Melbourne.

We’ve been a mainstay in the industry for decades, and use our strong network of suppliers to source timber that’s just as durable as it is visually stunning. This includes a great range of native and imported timbers that are available in a wide array of different finishes.

Beyond the quality of our timber flooring, we’re also committed to competitive pricing, fast delivery, and excellent customer service. These are the values that Tile Importer stands by.

Explore the Best Range of TImber Flooring in Melbourne

Although you can order your flooring online, visiting our display centre is a great way to get a real picture of how the timber will look and feel. Here, our flooring experts can also provide advice and guidance on the entire range.

As a trusted timber flooring wholesaler, we source all of our timber products from industry-leading manufacturers such as Preference Floors, D&R Henderson, Hurford Hardwood, and Kronoswiss. Whether you’re a property owner, contractor or home builder, you can rest assured that every plank is built to last.

Explore Our Range of Timber Flooring Online

Can’t make it to our display centre? Already know what style you’re after? Wherever you sit, nothing beats the convenience of ordering timber flooring online. For further info, please check the brochures from our manufacturers or call us directly on (03) 9562-7181 to chat with our customer service team.

You can get a free quote for timber flooring by calling or emailing info@tileimporter.com.au

Get Premium Timber Flooring Online

Looking for a convenient way to obtain high quality building supplies? At Tile Importer, we have been operating since 1967 and understand the importance of a flooring solution that lasts.

Our digital storefront is a well-curated space designed to support your timber flooring needs in Melbourne, and we have a smart range to choose from. We give you access to an array of premium products, detailed product specifications, and comparison options.

Providing you with a simple, hassle-free way to buy timber flooring in Melbourne, you’ll be ready to start your home project in no time.

The Leading Source for Timber Flooring in Victoria

Whether you’re a DIY builder or designer, it’s important to find the right timber flooring for your project needs. From classic to contemporary styles and moderate to heavy usage needs, our timber flooring solutions have got you covered.

We offer flooring options that capture the authentic textures, grains, and hues of natural wood, instilling timeless elegance and warmth to your interiors.

So whether your project is based near Bentleigh, or Brighton, our home hardware and timber specialists help you materialise your dream space without the hassle.

Supplying Flooring Accessories Melbourne Wide

Need additional flooring accessories for a Melbourne home or business? Every minor detail contributes to a perfect finish, and our timber specialists provide high-quality adhesives, underlays, and comprehensive installation kits.

Whether you’re looking for trims to complete the look or primers to prepare your surface, our range of flooring accessories will make sure that you have everything you need for all things flooring.

Timber Flooring For Sale

On the lookout for Tasmanian Oak Hardwood? Our friendly, knowledgeable team makes sure you choose the best investment for your project. Being one of Melbourne’s leading home hardware suppliers, we not just sell timber flooring, but offer professional insights backed with industry experience.

Our strong industry links and years of experience collectively enable us to provide you with the best quality timber flooring for sale at competitive prices. So, whether you’re an enterprising DIY enthusiast, an architect, a builder, or a homeowner, choose Tile Importer for all your flooring needs. Afterall, we like the best for our customers!

Why Choose Tile Importer for Timber Flooring in Melbourne?

Do you need pine flooring? Here’s what makes us the preferred choice in comparison to competitors:

  • One-stop shop: Our comprehensive product range allows you to find everything you need under one roof.
  • Quality assured: Our products are sourced from well-known suppliers that meet Australian Standards, promising you excellent timber quality.
  • Customer support: Our expert team is always ready to help, offering on-the-spot quotes!
  • Eco-friendly: Our timber specialists are committed to sustainability.

Step into our showroom or browse our selection online. Our Tile Importer guides you in your journey to the perfect timber flooring in Melbourne. Feel free to call us on (03) 9562 7181 for any further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Timber Flooring in Melbourne

Where can I find high-quality timber flooring online in Melbourne?

At Tile Importer, we provide a wide range of high-quality timber flooring options for sale online. You can browse our products, view detailed specifications, and make well-informed choices from the comfort of your own home or office.

Are there reputable merchants for timber flooring in Melbourne?

Yes, Tile Importer is a reputable timber flooring merchant in Melbourne. With more than 50 years in the industry, we are committed to delivering products that amplify the aesthetic appeal of your space and withstand the test of time.

Which types of timber flooring are for sale at Tile Importer?

We offer an extensive range of timber flooring for sale that can integrate into diverse stylistic requirements. This includes options from classic to contemporary styles and for moderate to heavy usage needs.

Does Tile Importer offer flooring accessories in Melbourne?

Yes, apart from providing premium timber flooring, Tile Importer offers an array of flooring accessories in Melbourne. This includes high-quality adhesives, underlays, and comprehensive installation kits.

Why should I choose Tile Importer for my timber flooring needs in Melbourne?

Tile Importer is a one-stop shop for all your flooring needs, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction. Our products are sourced from well-known suppliers that meet Australian Standards, and our expert team is always ready to help you make the best choices.

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Do you want to see samples before purchasing? Feel free to head over to our display centre where you can view our timber flooring products in Melbourne. Our team of experts will also be there to assist you in choosing the best solutions to fit your project’s style and budget.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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