Plywood Suppliers Melbourne

In the market for plywood supplies? Tile Importer is here to lend a helping hand. Operating since 1967, we’ve supplied premium plywood to local architects, builders, and DIY renovators for decades. Today, we continue to set the pace for product quality, customer service, and competitive industry rates.

With great options for shelving, cupboards, beams, outdoor furniture, and more, our plywood is sourced exclusively from reputable manufacturers. It is this attention to detail and product quality that has made us the leading plywood suppliers in Melbourne.

Browse our plywood range online or stop by the Tile Importer display centre to view it all up close!

Get Everything You Need from Our Plywood Suppliers in Melbourne

Whether you’re after melamine-edged, laminated boards or brackets, all of our plywood products can be installed with ease. In addition, our staff carefully checks every product to guarantee that they are fit for use in building and renovation projects.

Our plywood comes in a range of grades, including BB, BC, CC, CD, Brace, Case, Marine Ply, Film Faced Form Ply, DD, and Reject Ply. We also stock plywood in various sizes, with a standard board dimension of 2400mm x 1200mm. You can also purchase plywood products in thicknesses between 6mm-25mm.

Can’t find exactly what you need? Speak to our plywood suppliers in Melbourne for expert advice!

Plywood Suppliers Melbourne

Are you looking for quality plywood for your woodworking project?

As a long-standing supplier of quality plywood in Melbourne, Tile Importer is your go-to source for all plywood needs. Our range includes a variety of top-grade plywood suitable for various applications, such as caravan interiors or furniture!

We have options that cater to builders, architects, and DIY enthusiasts who understand the versatility and affordability of using plywood. Whether it be for shelving, crafting, construction, or renovation, you can depend on us as your reliable plywood suppliers in Melbourne.

We extend our reach and services to nearby areas including near Bentleigh, Brighton and Chadstone for excellent quality plywood.

Plywood Suppliers in Melbourne – Choosing Plywood for Your Project

Plywood is an adaptable and cost-effective material, an ideal choice for many home improvement projects.

Select the correct plywood type based on your project to give you the best possible result. For instance, Marine Ply is highly resistant to water, making it suitable for areas subjected to moisture. On the other hand, for high strength and rigidity, Film Faced Form Ply is the ideal choice.

At Tile Importer, we can guide you on choosing the correct type of ply for your requirements, providing valuable advice and guidance.

Whether you’re considering a DIY home improvement near Brighton or a construction project near Chadstone, don’t hesitate to reach us at (03) 9562 7181 for any assistance.

Why Choose Tile Importer for Plywood Suppliers in Melbourne?

The reasons to choose Tile Importer as your preferred plywood suppliers in Melbourne are many:

  • We assure you of high-quality materials: All our plywood materials are sourced from reputable suppliers. We bring over 50 years of quality and reliability.
  • Dedicated customer service: Our expert team offers advice and guidance, helping you select the right material for your project requirements.
  • One-stop-shop: We provide a broad range of products, from timber to hardware, kitchen and bathroom ranges. You can find everything you need to complete your project under one roof.
  • Fast Delivery: We always ensure that your materials arrive at your location within a quick turnaround, keeping your project timeline unhindered.

We serve as one of the most reliable plywood suppliers in Melbourne, so you don’t need to keep worrying about the end result of your project.

Frequently Asked Questions About Plywood Suppliers in Melbourne

Why should I choose Tile Importer as my plywood supplier in Melbourne?

As a leading plywood supplier in Melbourne, Tile Importer offers a wide selection of premium quality plywood suitable for various applications.

What types of plywood does Tile Importer supply in Melbourne?

Tile Importer provides a variety of plywood, including high-quality plywood for shelving, crafting, construction, or renovation. The range includes water-resistant Marine Ply, and high-strength Film Faced Form Ply. We also provide plywood accessories such as brackets and form ply boards.

How can Tile Importer help me choose the right plywood for my project in Melbourne?

The expert staff at Tile Importer can guide you in choosing the correct type of plywood based on your project’s requirements. From DIY home improvement to professional construction projects, we provide valuable advice for the perfect plywood selection.

What other products do Tile Importer, the plywood supplier in Melbourne offer?

Besides plywood, Tile Importer offers a broad range of products for your construction, renovation, or crafting needs. You can find everything from timber to hardware, and a kitchen and bathroom range under one roof.

What is the contact number for Tile Importer in Melbourne?

You can reach Tile Importer at (03) 9562 7181 for any assistance regarding plywood or related supplies. We also invite customers to visit our showroom to speak to professionals and make an informed decision based on project requirements.

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