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Tips and Tricks on How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments


According to a recent survey, there is a difference in the time people spend in the bathroom based on their gender. Men spend an average of 855.8 days in the bathroom in their lives, equivalent to 2 years and 125 days. While women spend around 770.8 days of their lives, or 2 years and 40 days, in the restroom.

Other things that people do in the bathroom include reading, singing, and using their mobile phones. It’s no surprise then that many people consider their bathrooms to be their sanctuary.

It’s also not a surprise that most individuals fantasize about having a large, spacious bathroom. But what if your bathroom is only a few square metres? How do you make a small bathroom look bigger?

Tile Importer, bathroom products provider, shares a few creative design tricks to make your bathroom look and feel more spacious. With some adjustments, you can quickly change it into the beautiful, useful,and peaceful area you’ve always wanted.

12 Easy Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Appear Bigger

1. Use a Plenty of Natural Light

Small bathrooms can appear gloomy. Natural light brightens the area and expands the space, making it appear larger.

Consider installing a solar tunnel or skylight to bring additional natural light into the bathroom if you only have a small window. A translucent window curtain will also allow more light in while maintaining your privacy.

2. Make Use of Bright Lighting

It’s crucial to have good lighting in any room to make it appear larger and more open, but it’s especially more important in bathrooms, which may lack natural light. It’s also beneficial since most of us do our grooming and facial care routines in the bathroom.

For these reasons, having a strategic lighting design, preferably with numerous light sources in various locations, is essential. Avoid shadowing and make the space feel bright and open with a grid of ceiling lights, sconces, or a contemporary edge-lighted mirror.

3. Make Everything the Same Colour

Your bathroom will look crowded if you use too many different colours and patterns. It separates the space, making it appear smaller. Using a light, consistent colour across the bathroom can open it up and make it appear larger and brighter.

4. Go White-On-White

Similarly, bathroom designs in all-white never go out of style. They also have the added benefit of making the space appear larger because white reflects light better than any other colour. Since most bathroom fixtures are white, the area appears to be more seamless, giving you the illusion of a bigger space.

5. Blend the Wall and Tile Colours

Paint the rest of the wall space in your bathroom the same colour as your tiles if it’s only partially tiled.

This avoids the separating lines that can form where the tiles end, which divide the room into halves and make it appear smaller. Using grout in the same colour as your tiles also helps to unify the aesthetic.


6. Large Plain-Coloured Floor Tiles are Ideal

Using smaller floor tiles in a small bathroom is a common mistake – the bathroom appears smaller because there are more separating lines between the tiles. Using a wide, plain-coloured tile creates the illusion of more floor space and a neater, less cluttered appearance.

7. Create Long Lines

To create the illusion of a larger space, divert the viewer’s attention to the room’s widest point. This can be accomplished by emphasising the room’s longest line, such as a blank wall without a window. The room will appear larger if a horizontal line is created here with a shelf.

8. Consider Big Mirrors

A large mirror can seemingly double the size of your space and can help visually double your space in the bathroom.

To elaborate, a huge mirror can be expensive, but when compared to the cost of tiling that wall, a mirror can create an equally striking effect for a lower price.

Go ahead and splurge on a large mirror with a lovely frame or go for a custom-sized piece to cover the entire wall. We guarantee you’ll love the effect. Not only will this give you an instant classic vibe in your bathroom, but this is also useful in small powder rooms with modest walls.

To get the best option go with a mirror cabinet from Tile Importer.   This combines the ever important storage with the perfect size mirror for your bathroom.

9. Use a Glass Panel

A shower with a glass panel or door is another great idea to expand the look of your area. When you’re in the shower, the whole square footage of the room will be seen at once for a larger look.

If you want extra privacy, a frosted or tinted glass panel will allow light to pass through, making your shower feel less claustrophobic. Consider replacing the tub with a shower cubicle if you’re doing a complete renovation and don’t need bathtubs. They’re easier to use, and removing the tub frees up plenty of space.

10. Put Your Shelves into the Walls

It might be a larger project to take on but incorporating your shelves into the wall is both practical and attractive. It frees up space in your bathroom since you don’t have unsightly and bulky shelving units taking up precious space. It also maintains the room’s lines, making it appear larger. A built in shower niche from Tile Importer is a perfect addition if you are re-modelling your shows.

11. Use a Floating Vanity

It might be difficult to strike a balance between the need for storage and the desire for breathing area in a small bathroom. A floating vanity is a fantastic solution.

It provides plenty of storage space, but the glimpse of flooring underneath makes the room feel a little more open. Having a little more space to move around in a confined area, even something as simple as open areas under a vanity, can make a great impact.

12. Less is More

The fewer ornaments you have on display in your bathroom, the bigger it will appear and the more functional it will be.

You might also want to consider placing items like an extra stool or the laundry basket somewhere else. Providing additional space will quickly make your bathroom appear and feel larger.

One-Stop-Shop for Your Bathroom Products

Tile Importer in Melbourne, Australia, has a range of high-quality bathroom fixtures for remodelling your existing bathroom to make it look bigger.

We provide affordable bathroom products that are both functional and beautiful. You’ll find affordable tapware, basins, vanities, and other bathroom accessories.

Contact us today. Our experienced team will be happy to help.


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