Covid-19 Updates


Tile Importer, like everyone, are striving to maintain our business and support our customers in these unprecedented times.

Our Business Model is continually changing to keep in-step with the COVID restrictions put in place by the Victorian State Government.

We will continue to strive to provide the best service we can, that complies with all rules and regulations, and ensures your personal safety as well as those of our staff.

Our store is now open to everyone.

Trades People and Customers can attend In-store subject to the following conditions:
• Payments must be COVID safe;
• You must supply contact details to enable ongoing COVID tracing in compliance with government directions;
• You must wear a Face covering;
• You must practice safe distancing; &
• You must not attend if you are suffering any flu like symptoms whatsoever.

Sales can also be completed via email by sending your inquiry to:[email protected] or via our eBay Store http://www.ebaystores.com.au/Tile-Importer-Timber-Merchants accessed through the button on our website homepage.

Deliveries are available via our normal courier service.

We will continue to develop our model as the situation evolves so check in with us regularly for updates.

We apologise for any inconvenience but again these are unprecedented times & we all need to come together as a community to keep everyone safe.

All of us at Tile Importer hope you stay safe and look forward to seeing you back in store now we are once again open.





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A Wide Array of Styles and Materials

Whatever you envision for your interior space, you can shop the right internal door at Tile Importer. We offer doors from trusted manufacturers in Australia, which can be fitted into your bedrooms, kitchens, living areas, hallways, home offices, gyms, playrooms and other spaces that are cut off from the adjacent room. We stock a large range of doors from both Hume and Botany Bay. We can arrange supply of any of the extensive range of Corinthian doors as well as arranging pre-hinged and latched doors or request.   We also supply Cavity units by Corinthian and all of your door furniture needs.

Expect the highest level of craftsmanship when you purchase our interior doors in Melbourne.


All doors are made of select, responsibly sourced hardwood, like Merbau. We are also constantly sourcing different pine, Meranti and MDF doors from our suppliers at bargain prices so come in store to see our extensive range and ask for Michael or Jonathan who will happily assist you for all your dooring needs.

The core of the doors varies. In our Hume Doors & Timber line, we offer Solidcore (timber frame with a water-resistant particLe/flax board core), Blockboard (pine block core covered with face material), and Flush (honeycomb core covered with face material) options. Together with the glass and metal components, the timber will withstand constant use, temperature changes and sudden impact (slams, for instance). No warping, cracking or expanding.

Door sizes vary by design and construction. Send us enquiries if you’re interested in buying a particular interior door.


Tile Importer boasts one of the largest ranges of interior door design. There are countless ways to customise your door, from the glazing options to the finishes. You can easily match the design of the rooms that the interior door will occupy.

Traditional vs. Contemporary. If you prefer traditional doors, we have options with classic designs and proportions. These timeless classics will complement a wide array of interior designs. But if you’re looking for more contemporary doors, we have modern designs that draw inspiration from the Art Deco movement, as well as cavity units.

Glazing Options. We provide doors with the level of privacy you want. You can install interior doors fully made of timber, or you can have doors with glass with the glazing of your choice. For Corinthian doors, choose from:

  • Translucent
  • Desert Sand
  • Slumped Waterfall
  • Rice Paper
  • Grey Translucent
  • Grey Tint
  • Various glass designs with coloured patterns

For our Hume Doors and Timber, choose from:

  • Clear
  • Translucent
  • Rice Paper
  • Cathedral
  • Grey Tint
  • Geostep
  • Various glass designs with coloured patterns

Colours. Most of our interior doors can be stained or painted with the stain or colour of your choice. You can achieve design continuity throughout your home.

Various Door Configurations

We have an extensive selection of door configurations in Melbourne:

  • Standard Doors – Available in Standard Rebate (opens clockwise) and Reverse Rebate (opens counterclockwise).
  • Double Doors – You can install two standard doors in larger entryways.
  • Bi-Fold – You can install a standard bi-fold or two standard bi-fold doors for larger entryways. The panels compress into a tight fold on one or both ends of the entryway.
  • Multifold – You can install 4, 6, or 8-leaf multifold doors. As with bi-fold doors, these compress into a compact fold on one or both ends of the entryway.
  • Cavity Units – A space-saving, modern door configuration where the door is tucked in a wall cavity.

Door Furniture and Accessories

To complete your interior doors, we deliver various door furniture options, including:

  • Levers and knobs
  • Latches and bolts
  • Lock cases

Available in different finishes, like satin chrome, satin nickel, polished chrome, polished brass and antique copper.

Find the Perfect Interior Door

With Tile Importer, you can install interiors that have the timber, colour, finish, configuration and furniture that you’ve dreamed of.

Download some of our suppliers brochures to help with your dooring selections. If you want to check our internal doors for sale personally, drop by our showroom at 17 Natalia Avenue, Oakleigh South, 3167. You’ll get personal service from our helpful staff, and you can order there.

If you’re browsing our online catalogue, you can get in touch with our online representatives. Call us on (03) 9562 7181 or leave us a message here; we can give you a quote within two hours. Delivery is available, too — we can ship your new interior doors to your place.

Top Selling Interior Doors

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