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We are delighted to announce that our store is now fully open without any restrictions. Our top priority has always been to provide exceptional service while ensuring the safety of our customers and staff.

During these unprecedented times, we have adapted our business model to comply with the COVID restrictions put in place by the Victorian State Government.

Both Trades People and Customers are welcome without any limitations, and there is no need for a prior appointment. Our sales team is ready to assist you with any inquiries you may have.

You can easily purchase from the many products listed on our website, and for any special orders or items not listed, please feel free to email us at [email protected].

We continue to provide our normal courier service for all deliveries.

We will remain vigilant and make changes to our model if necessary. Please check our website regularly for any updates.

We would like to express our gratitude for your cooperation and support during these challenging times. We look forward to seeing you soon at Tile Importer and wish you good health and safety.




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Decking Melbourne Suppliers

Time for a new living space? At Tile Importer, we stock an extensive range of decking supplies in Melbourne for your new deck. We have everything from Merbau Decking in Random and Set Lengths, to Deckstar Pre Finished boards. We stock Treated Pine decking, and subject to availability, other Hardwood Species including Iron Bark, Grey Gum, Forest Red, Cypress, Blue Gum, Jarrah, Red gum, Stringy Bark, Silverback Spotted Gum, and Wormy Chestnut.  Please call or email to check what we have in stock.  We also Stock Mod Wood Decking.

Shop the full range of decking supplies in Melbourne with the experts at Tile Importer. Looking for a specific type of decking with quality craftsmanship? Ring or email to check stock and availability.

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If you are unsure about the decking materials that you need for your decking project, head over to our display centre in Melbourne to view our decking supplies firsthand. Our friendly staff are decking specialists and will also assist you in purchasing the best materials to suit your project’s needs and budget.

An added bonus of Tile Importer’s extensive range of decking choices is that you can match your decking choice to your internal flooring and vice versa , allowing indoors to flow seamlessly to outdoors for maximum visual effect.

Your Decking Suppliers in Melbourne

Tip: To calculate how many lineal meters of flooring or decking you need for your custom design outdoor living spaces, first you must work out the total square meterage required. If you have a simple square space multiply length by width and this gets you the square meters. If it’s a more complex space in your backyard, break it down into rectangular sections and multiply length and width and then add the total. Once you have this follow the below simple equation.

1000 divided by (width of flooring board or decking board allowing your preferred gap between boards in millimetres) = How many lineal meters per square meter. Now multiply this by the square meterage you require, and you have your total.

For example: Your deck is 2 meters wide and 4 meters long and you want to put down 140 mm Merbau decking with a three-millimetre spacing between decking boards.

2 x 4 = 8 Square meters

1000 divided by 143 = 6.993 lineal meters per square meters

8 x 6.993 = 55.944 lineal meters

Note: Allow up to 10% extra for wastage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which timber is best for decking? 

Choosing the right material for decking comes down to a wide range of factors. In Melbourne and other places where it tends to rain a lot, you need to consider different materials for building decks than those most suitable to areas with drier and warmer weather. As such, the climate is one of the biggest factors to base your decision on. Other aspects that you should consider are your budget, the level of required maintenance, and your desired appearance.

A general rule for decking is that hardwood is more durable and less likely to split than softwood, but it is more expensive too. However, softwood is easier to work with.

At Tile Importer, we offer one of the biggest varieties of decking in Melbourne. Get in touch with us to talk to one of our experts about your home improvement or decking plans – we are more than happy to help you with finding the ideal materials for your next project.

How do I take care of my decking materials?

Taking care of decking materials is essential for a long-lasting and good-looking deck. This starts with ensuring that the decking is properly sealed in the initial installation phase. On an ongoing basis, using oil, sealer, or wax on your deck regularly makes sure your timber decking is protected from the weather.

Secondly, regularly cleaning your decking is also important for maintenance and increasing longevity. In general, a composite deck requires less maintenance. To clean your decking, you don’t need expensive cleaners; a soap and water solution will do the trick.

When you are choosing your decking supplies in our Melbourne store, make sure to ask us about the highest quality maintenance products and routines as well.

How long will decking last?

How long a deck lasts depends on multiple factors. First and foremost, the choice of the right material for decking is crucial for its durability. The location of the deck, if it is covered, and the amount of maintenance (sealing and cleaning) are two other very important factors. With proper care, most decks will last Melbourne residents up to 15 to 20 years. Some premium hardwoods can even last up to 50 years.

Why should I choose Tile Importer?

Timber and DIY projects are part of our DNA. We are one of the leading decking suppliers in Melbourne, including trusted deck builders. With over 12,000 products and over 7 acres of materials, we offer everything you’ll need for decking from our Melbourne showroom. Here we are all about quality; we only purchase products from companies with a good reputation and Australian standards. Our standard is that the customer always comes first. If there is something you need and we don’t have it, we are more than happy to order it in for you. If you need expert advice on highest quality materials, design, and construction, or an on-the-spot, free quotation, we’ll help you immediately at our store. You can’t transport the best quality materials you bought? We’ll deliver it right to your doorstep.

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