Covid-19 Updates


Tile Importer, like everyone, are striving to maintain our business and support our customers in these unprecedented times.

Our Business Model is continually changing to keep in-step with the COVID restrictions put in place by the Victorian State Government.

We will continue to strive to provide the best service we can, that complies with all rules and regulations, and ensures your personal safety as well as those of our staff.

Our store is now open to everyone.

Trades People and Customers can attend In-store subject to the following conditions:
• Payments must be COVID safe;
• You must supply contact details to enable ongoing COVID tracing in compliance with government directions;
• You must wear a Face covering;
• You must practice safe distancing; &
• You must not attend if you are suffering any flu like symptoms whatsoever.

Sales can also be completed via email by sending your inquiry to:[email protected] or via our eBay Store http://www.ebaystores.com.au/Tile-Importer-Timber-Merchants accessed through the button on our website homepage.

Deliveries are available via our normal courier service.

We will continue to develop our model as the situation evolves so check in with us regularly for updates.

We apologise for any inconvenience but again these are unprecedented times & we all need to come together as a community to keep everyone safe.

All of us at Tile Importer hope you stay safe and look forward to seeing you back in store now we are once again open.





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At Tile Importer, our team helps you find the right products for your bathroom projects. We stock the highest quality products for every budget and style.

Our team has years of combined experience, giving us the knowledge to help you find bathroom products and fixtures for your building or renovation project. From our shower bases to shower screens for sale, all our products are sourced from reliable suppliers in Melbourne.

There are many reasons why Tile Importer is the best place to shop for shower accessories in Melbourne. First, our selection of shower accessories is second to none. We carry all the top brands and have a large variety of products to choose from.

Secondly, our prices are unbeatable. We always have great deals on shower accessories, so you can be sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

Lastly, our customer service is top-notch. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are always happy to help you find what you need and answer any questions you might have. So if you’re looking for the best selection, the best prices, and the best customer service, look no further than Tile Importer!

Top Selling Showers

Our Selection of Shower Products

Create the bathroom shower you want. Our selection of shower styles and systems suit bathrooms of all sizes and styles. Browse through our options to find the perfect fit for your project:

  • Bases  – Control the flow of water from your shower while making your bathroom look good. Our range of shower bases come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your bathroom’s configuration. We have compact squares, acrylic finishes, and removable drain covers
  • Cubicles and Enclosures – Keep the rest of your bathroom dry even during a long shower with a shower cubicle. Our selection of cubicles and enclosures gives you more than enough options to find a type that fits your space, match your style and give you all the functions you need.
  • Showerhead – Surround yourself with a soothing shower while protecting your body from water contaminants. We offer a wide variety of showerheads that blend form and functionality, improving your shower experience. Choose among overhead, fixed and handheld showerheads with different types of flow.

Visit our showroom at 17 Natalia Avenue, Oakleigh South, Victoria 3167. You may also email [email protected] to obtain a free quote of our bathroom basin products.


Why Choose Tile Importer

  • Fast Quotes  – Contact us for your orders, and you’ll get a quote within two hours.
  • Order via email or in-store – Send your orders through email or by dropping by our showroom. You’ll receive the same level of service, whatever method you choose.
  • Personal service – Our dedicated sales team will be available to help you find the materials you need based on your requirements.
  • Delivery available – Don’t worry about picking up your orders in our warehouse. We will bring them to you.


How Shower Accessories Can Improve the Value of Your Bathroom

Installing new Shower Accessories is a great way to improve the value of your bathroom. Not only will it make your space more enjoyable to use, but it can also add resale value to your home. Here are just a few ways that new shower accessories can help:


  1. Updated style: One of the most obvious ways that new shower accessories can help is by giving your bathroom an updated look. This can be especially helpful if your current fixtures are outdated or no longer in style. By choosing new, stylish shower accessories, you can give your bathroom a whole new look without having to do a complete renovation.


  1. Improved functionality: In addition to improving the aesthetics of your bathroom, new shower accessories can also improve its functionality. If your current shower is difficult to use or doesn’t provide the features you need, adding new accessories can make a big difference. For example, installing a shower head with multiple settings can make it much easier to get the perfect shower experience.


  1. Enhanced safety: Another important benefit of new shower accessories is that they can enhance safety in your bathroom. If you have young children, elderly family members, or anyone with special needs using your bathroom, adding grab bars and other safety features can help prevent accidents.


  1. Added value: Finally, installing new shower accessories can also add value to your home if you ever decide to sell. Potential buyers will see that you’ve made improvements to the space and will be willing to pay more for your home as a result.


If you’re thinking about adding new Shower Accessories to your bathroom, keep these benefits in mind. New fixtures can make a big difference in both the look and feel of your space, as well as its value.


Choosing the Right Shower Accessories for Your Bathroom

When it comes to choosing the right shower accessories in Melbourne for your bathroom, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. First, consider your personal style. Do you prefer a more traditional look, or are you going for a more modern feel? This will help narrow down your choices and make it easier to find the perfect match for your space.

Next, think about function. What do you need from your shower accessories? Are you looking for something that simply looks good, or do you need something that’s functional as well? If you’re not sure what you need, it might be helpful to consult with a professional before making your final decision.

Finally, don’t forget about budget. Shower accessories can range in price, so it’s important to set a budget before you start shopping. This will help you keep your options open and ensure that you don’t overspend on something that you may not need.

Keep these things in mind when shopping for shower accessories, and you’ll be sure to find the perfect match for your bathroom and personal style. Shop the full range of shower fittings and accessories in Melbourne with Tile Importer today.

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